San Diego: How Is Your Business Marketing Online During COVID-19?

Apr 2020

As the world has come to an abrupt halt because of coronavirus, many businesses are struggling to decide what their next step is. 

Social distancing and working from home have become the new normal. Therefore, now is the time for businesses to change up their digital marketing strategy


San Diego is one of the many places in California that has been following “Stay At Home” orders to keep residents safe and help prevent the spread of this pandemic. While this situation brings many feelings of uncertainty, it is crucial to consider different digital marketing approaches to keep your business strong. 


Learn some ways your San Diego business can adapt and change your digital marketing strategy during COVID-19:


Turn To Social Media 

As everyone stays indoors, more time is spent online and on social media. Take advantage of this by being more active on your current social channels. Interact with your audience and start conversations. Social media features such as Instagram Live and Facebook Live bring an authentic presence to your audience. Find ways to bring value to your audience in a genuine, supportive manner. 


Take Advantage Of Video Calls

Of course, face-to-face interactions are always more meaningful. Switch out your regular phone calls for video calls. Does your business offer services that could be done over Zoom? Can you meet one-on-one with potential customers over video? Addressing all the possibilities will only give your business more opportunities. 


Stay Prepared And Positive 

Nobody knows when the coronavirus outbreak will end, or when it will get better in San Diego, so your business needs to be prepared. On top of innovating new, creative ideas for your digital marketing blueprint, make sure your business is ahead of the game. Use this time to brainstorm how you can pivot your services, grow as a company and gain new customers. 


As everyone turns to the online world for updated information and a unique sense of community, it is important to consider new digital avenues for your business.


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