Retargeting Strategies for Law Firm Marketing

Oct 2020

Finding a new client can cost five times as much as keeping an existing client. While this statistic is often applied to product-based businesses, it also applies to lawyers and law firms. Law firms can use retargeting strategies to offer new services to prospective clients, and as they develop these relationships more, they can get new clients from referrals. 

Here are the two key steps to creating a retargeting strategy for your law firm: 


Analyzing Web Traffic to Segment Your Audience 


The best part about analyzing demographics and analytics from your website visitors is that you can use this information to give your audience more details about topics you know they are interested in. For example, if you had a number of people visit your page for Criminal Defense Law, you can create a retargeting campaign with more information and testimonials about how your firm helped earn acquittals for your clients. 

You can segment your audience based on services that your firm wants to focus on or based on top-performing blog posts or service pages. If you keep the topic of the retargeting campaign too broad, you are more likely to lose your audience’s interest, and in turn, lose the lead. 


Using Lead Generation for Your Benefit 


Whether you collect contact information from a form on your website or analyze demographics from your audience on social media, you can use this information to create an ad or social media campaign that drives users to a landing page with relevant content to the topic of law that they are researching. You can then personalize the content to each segmented audience (based on each topic or service) and engage with your audience by giving them a creative lead magnet, an incentive for users to input their email addresses and other contact information. Lead magnets can be downloadable eBooks, surveys, calendars and other creative resources that would benefit the prospective client. 

Once you receive their contact information, you can add the client to an email marketing campaign to give them more information that is detailed or specific to their pain point in the legal space. By tailoring your content to give the client a deeper range of knowledge throughout the campaign, you can show them your expertise and re-engage that client. After several touchpoints with the prospective client, this strategy can help them trust your firm with their case. 

If you are struggling to get new leads, why not start with people who are already looking for legal expertise? Our team is ready to help. 


Retargeting strategies can increase conversion rates by nearly 150%. 

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