Repurpose Your Content!

Apr 2012

Do you recycle, reduce and reuse? Earth Day may have been last week, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be constantly incorporating these concepts into your life. And by life, I also mean your digital life! Yes, this same dictum can be applied to the content that you use for your social media.

There is a lot of content out there on the web, but the best content is content that you create for yourself. That is, blog posts, videos, articles, press releases, pictures, etc., that come directly from you, not just gleaned from a Google search (However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be keeping up with your industry news and reading up on articles and what other people are buzzing about!).

So you’ve shot videos and have been regularly updating your blog, and now you’ve posted all of that on your social media and have used up all that material. Or so you think. Don’t let all that great information go to waste! You can repurpose all of that material and transform it into even more content. Extract snippets from your video and turn it into bits of advice that you can post on your Facebook page, and attach a picture with the post for good measure. Or, pull excerpts from your blog and edit them into a batch of 140-character tweets.

If you’re good with graphics, you can take information and turn them into infographics to use on social media. Who knows, maybe they might even go viral! Have a powerpoint presentation that you used for a meeting? Turn these into articles or blog posts.

Remember, the best content is content that is original, and the best part of using your own content is that you can repurpose it in many other different ways to serve your online marketing purposes. You already have all the tools at your disposal– Just think outside the box, and be creative.

Feature photo credit: @ thevintagerobot 

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