QuintEssential Senior Web Designer Celebrates 5 Years at KWSM

Feb 2021

Our Senior Web Designer, Angie Smith, just celebrated her 5-Year Workiversary at KWSM!


Angie started with our team as a Website Designer and was promoted to Senior Website Designer two years ago. During her time on the team, she has taken two maternity leaves to welcome her beautiful daughters and we love to see the KWSM family expanding! Here’s what Angie had to say about her experience at KWSM and what she has learned over the years.


What has been your favorite part of working at KWSM?

“I love the people and the culture. I genuinely enjoy working with every single person on our team.”


What is one thing you’ve learned since working here?

“Only one thing? That’s tough. Well, I’ve learned how important it is to find a company that believes in your potential and hires their employees based on if they’re a good fit for the team, not just whether or not they have the skill set. I was hesitant to even apply for the job because I lacked some of the skills that were required for this role, but the web department welcomed me with open arms and provided me one-on-one training with our lead developer. KWSM believed in me, and I’m so glad they did.”


What would you go back and tell yourself from 5 years ago when you first started here?

“I think I would say something like, ‘Keep going, have confidence, and believe in yourself. And don’t be afraid of failure. If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not trying something new.’”


Each month, our team gathers on Zoom for an event we call Celebrations. During this time, we honor all team members who are celebrating a Birthday or Workiversary that month.


To show them how much we appreciate all of their hard work and everything that makes them who they are, we take a few minutes to shout out words that describe the man or woman of the hour.


Here are the words our team used to describe Angie… 

Incredible designer, wonderful mom, great baker, organized, team-oriented, thoughtful, dedicated, loyal, reliable, never takes no for an answer, deeply cares about the work she produces, superstar work ethic, passionate, cheerful, helpful, creative, and kind. 


“Angie is a valuable team member in so many ways,” says KWSM President Katie Wagner. “She is a talented designer, a dedicated team player, and truly embodies the KWSM core values of loyalty, creativity, and organization. It’s clear Angie is passionate about doing good work for clients and continuing to learn and grow in order to consistently improve her skills. She’s a caring friend and co-worker and we are very lucky to have her on the team.”


Cheers to Angie! Thank you for all you have done for our clients and our team over the past 5 years. It’s an honor and a pleasure to work alongside you.



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