Effective Pinterest Strategies for 2021

Feb 2021

Effective Pinterest Strategies for 2021

Like many social media platforms, Pinterest is constantly adding new features to improve its user experience. It is important to keep up with these ever-evolving trends so that your business and your social media strategy can adapt accordingly. 

Pinterest is now shifting gears to focus on quality rather than quantity when it comes to its algorithm. This may promote a shift in how you use Pinterest to promote your business and products successfully. Dive into some of the strategies we think will help your business with Pinterest marketing in 2021. 


Focus on Fresh Pins


You may remember that last year Pinterest rolled out a plan to introduce fresh pins. Well, they will still play an integral role in 2021 for your Pinterest strategy. Fresh pins are images or videos that haven’t been seen or utilized on the Pinterest platform before. Posting new content is being rewarded by the algorithm. 


With fresh pins, the trick is to create new pins for the content you already have. You can link to the same URL but you can’t use the same image or video. The best strategy is to regularly create fresh pins that lead to your newly published or most popular content or products. The algorithm favors the most recent and relevant content. Fresh pins will be distributed and seen by a larger audience without any extra effort from you. This strategy is easy to implement and will help drive traffic to your website. 


Develop Video Pins


It can be easy to get stuck in the rut of posting image-based content. Videos are a great way to diversify your content. Think about where you want to drive your audience to and how a video could promote that path. 


Keep in mind that Pinterest is typically used to drive traffic off the platform to an outside site. You may want to cut down your video to a short preview. This way, audiences will become interested in your offer and click through to the platform of your choice (usually website, Instagram or YouTube). If you don’t know where to start, repurposing a video from your YouTube channel, utilizing an Instagram story, or creating a simple text video can be a great way to get your hands on content. Lastly, add a keyword rich description to target the searches of your ideal customers and clients. 


Implement Stories


One of the newest features Pinterest has rolled out is story pins which give creators a way to tell dynamic visual stories. They are similar to Instagram stories in terms of feel and layout, combining video, images, and text. Since a customer cannot click out to a website through this feature, stories should mainly be used for increasing brand awareness on Pinterest and gaining more followers. Utilize this feature if you want a big jump in impressions because Pinterest’s algorithm is favoring stories right now! 


Pinterest currently has 322 million monthly active users. 


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