Q & A with Social Media and Ads Bootcamp Instructor Meredith Ashburn

Oct 2021

social media and ads digital marketing bootcamp instructorSocial Media and Ads is our third course in this fall’s Digital Marketing Bootcamp. This series of courses was built to help business owners like you get the most from your marketing. This Bootcamp class is co-led by KWSM Digital Marketing Strategist Meredith Ashburn.

Meredith is a curious marketer who is fascinated by consumer behavior and what will stop a person from scrolling. She uses her expert skills to empathize and deeply understand each client’s passion and mission, and create engaging content from that place.

Before you jump into our Social Media and Ads Bootcamp course, we’d like to help you get to know the course’s co-instructor. We sat down with Meredith and asked her about her work and what she loves about Digital Marketing Bootcamp.

Meredith, what do you love about marketing?

“I have always been fascinated by the human mind and what grabs people’s attention. My favorite part about my job is the psychology that goes into everything we create. It really tests our ability to think two steps ahead – first deciphering what people want, and then predicting what they are most likely to do as a result of what we put into the digital sphere.”

What is your favorite part of this course?

“There’s a lot of competition in the digital realm. I love teaching others to stand out from all of the ‘noise’ that other companies are pushing. Every piece of content should be meticulously created in sync with your business’s goals and with your target audience’s interests/wants/needs. Any business can regurgitate posts about their products and/or services, but this course is designed to help you set your content apart from the competition via organic and paid promotion.”

What should new students know about Bootcamp?

“Even if you think you know enough, there is more for you to know. I’ve worked in digital marketing full-time for years, and still, every time I teach or attend a Bootcamp class I find myself learning something new that I can implement for my clients. Digital marketing is ever-evolving; what was working 6 months ago is probably not working as well anymore. These classes teach you how to analyze the changes occurring in the digital sphere and how to pivot your strategy to keep up.”

What makes KWSM Bootcamp unique?

“I’m sure a lot of us have attended plenty of hour-long webinars related to some sort of digital marketing practice by now. But how many 3-hour courses have you found? I certainly don’t see a lot. We do this because these classes are designed for both the beginner and the expert to walk away knowing more than they did when they came in. We cover the basics of why social media is important and which channels are best for your business, but we also dive into best practices for creating content and how to measure your results. No matter what level of digital marketing experience you have, you will leave the course with a better understanding of how to reach your objectives.”

Outside of work, what do you like to do for fun?

“So many things! I love music, whether it’s finding new songs on Spotify to add to my playlists or making my own music by playing guitar and singing. I dabble in writing poetry whenever I feel inspired. I also grew up playing sports so I love to get outside and play basketball and volleyball with friends whenever I can. Now that we’re at the beginning of fall, I’m most looking forward to hiking on the weekends in the chilly weather and maybe taking some spontaneous trips to some of my favorite spots in North Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina.”

In this course, you’ll learn why having a social media presence is so important and how to make great content for your ideal social channel. Our team will walk you through the foundational elements of social media advertising and discuss what metrics you can track to know if your social media is working. 

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