Social Media Contests for Beginners

Oct 2021

If you are looking for a new unique and exciting way to interact with your audience, you might want to consider running contests on social media. This method opens the door to establishing a deeper connection with your followers, as they have the opportunity to get something out of it. As a consumer, the possibility of winning free items from a brand I follow always sparks my interest, and I take the necessary steps to participate. 

Where to Begin

Crafting a successful social media contest will not only increase your online visibility but additionally boost your followers and engagement. There are several social contest resources that can help you create and manage a captivating giveaway or sweepstakes. 

Here are a few tips ad tricks for getting started: 

  1. Define your goals (what exactly do you want to accomplish?)
  2. Decide what social media channel you will hold the contest on
  3. Establish a deadline for when it’ll end and when the winner will receive their prize
  4. Create the contest (look at examples and evaluate what is most fitting for your audience)

Make it Successful

Once the time comes to share the contest news with your followers, announce it on the social media platform of your choice. Announce your prizes, set the length of your contest, and watch as the entries pour in. There are a number of ways you can ensure your contest is successful. For example, by instructing your followers to share the post in order to participate, you will organically gain traction. This approach trickles more people into your audience as they are excited for the opportunity to hopefully win something free. 

Once you have their attention, engage with them by responding to comments and even following their account. Creating a solid foundation with your followers will keep them circling back to your page, thus viewing your products/services and website. For optimal results, cross-promote it on other platforms, your email newsletter, and even your website.

Evaluate Your Results

Now that your first content has reached its expiration date, it is time to announce the winner(s) and evaluate whether or not you reached your goals. What were you trying to achieve? Circle back to your pre-launch period and measure results based on what your objectives were from the start. You can use Sprout Social’s reports to help you measure each one of them. 

Now that you have experienced brand promotion through a social media contest, you know what it will take for your next contest to surpass this.


Approximately 89% of industries are using video contests to promote their products and services.

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