Website and SEO Bootcamp | Q&A With Your Instructor

Oct 2021

We’re ramping up for week two of our Digital Marketing Bootcamp

This Friday, KWSM’s Vice President of Finance & Operations, Stephen Wagner, will be guiding Bootcampers through best practices for optimizing websites and implementing strong SEO tactics to move their sites closer to the top of Google search results.

Here’s what you need to know about Website and SEO Bootcamp from your instructor, Stephen!

Why are you passionate about websites and SEO?

“Websites are the hub of a strong digital marketing strategy.  Without a good website, all other marketing activities will be less effective.  Because of that, I really enjoy the process of getting websites to look great and function properly.

As part of that process, optimizing a website for search engines is critical.  I am passionate about that piece of things because a well-optimized website will have a positive impact on a company for a very long time.  While it is complicated and there are a TON of variables, there is also a very tangible outcome.  It’s so much fun to see a site rise in the rankings for a particular keyword and to see the traffic to the website increase because of the optimization work I did.” 

What is your favorite part about teaching this course?

“There is so much confusion and so many misconceptions about websites and SEO.  And for good reason! Google’s algorithm is arguably the most complex algorithm on the internet. There are thousands of variables that are used to determine where your site will rank. It also doesn’t help that most SEO companies don’t even try to explain how those variables impact your rankings. 

I love helping people start wrapping their minds around how to build a website that converts and how to get that website to show up in Google. Is it hard? YES!  But the return can be massive.”  

Why is this workshop important for businesses?

“Over the last 11+ years, our agency has worked with over 1000 different businesses. During that time, I’ve spent countless hours leading website projects and implementing SEO strategies. Because of that, I have hands-on, practical knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. I will tell you what you should focus on and what you should stop wasting time on.  I will stay away from boring theory and provide you with the most important, tangible tips you need to get your website and SEO into tip-top shape.”

What is one thing a first-time Bootcamper should know about this workshop?

“I try to add as much value as I possibly can to educate attendees about websites and SEO.  There is no silver bullet. I’m not going to teach you the ‘secret’ to online success (as if such a thing existed!). I’m going to help you be a better marketer by understanding website and SEO best practices that can be applied to your business today. 

Be prepared to take notes and maybe even have your website ready to edit, because you will learn a lot of practical information you can apply immediately.”

Tell our readers about yourself!

“I live in Ocean Beach, San Diego, and one of my favorite things to do is to run along Sunset Cliffs. It’s one of the most beautiful places on earth and is a quintessential Southern California feast for the senses. I’m currently training for a half-marathon and including that stretch of coastline in my route always helps get me through the difficult parts.  Other passions: wine, books & dogs (I have 5!).”

Don’t miss this week’s Digital Marketing Bootcamp on Friday, October 15, at 9 am PST!

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