Promoting Guest Bloggers With Pinterest Pins

Jul 2014
Photo credit: @nafeesa_s
Photo credit: @nafeesa_s

Do you have guest bloggers contribute to your company’s blog? Or maybe you have multiple employees who are writing blogs on a regular basis.

Good news! You can increase the visibility of your blog on Pinterest by tagging blog authors in your pins.

First and foremost, if you have a Pinterest account for your business you should create a board on which to pin your blog posts. For instance, on KWSM’s Pinterest account we always post our blogs to a designated board. (See below.)












We recently had a guest post from attorney Mitch Jackson, on ways small business owners can use news on their social media channels. When we pinned Mitch’s blog to our Pinterest board we tagged him as the blog author. (See below.)















You can do this by uploading the link directly to Pinterest or by using the “Pin It” button on your website.

Once you have navigated to the board you want to pin the blog post on, type “by” after the title and the “@” sign. Begin typing the name of the author and then choose the correct person from dropdown menu.










The blog author must have a Pinterest profile in order to be linked to the pin. The user will receive a notification that they have been tagged. They can then comment on the pin or repin it so that their followers can also see the pin. This is an excellent way to drive new traffic to your website and possibly gain new followers!

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