Pinterest: Optimize Your Pins for the New Smart Feed

Dec 2014

Recently, Pinterest tested out a new Smart Feed on their users, and now it’s here to stay. Pinterest users will now see pins at the top of their feed that Pinterest considers the best fit for that individual user, rather than seeing the newest pins first.

Photo Credit: rebeccahorwood
Photo Credit: rebeccahorwood

The pins that appear on the top of user’s feed are now based on three factors:

  1. The quality of the pin
  2. Related Pins based on your pinning habits
  3. Your interests

Pinterest’s Smart Feed works more like a search engine than a newsfeed. You will want to make sure that you optimize each of your pins in order for them to get the maximum amount of exposure on the channel.

Pinterest uses a complex algorithm to determine the quality of a pin. Creating a high-quality pin will allow it to rank higher in the pin stream. The Smart Feed ranks the pin based on the following three elements:

Pin Quality

The highest-quality pins will now be moved to the top of the top of pin stream. The more engagement a pin receives, the longer it will stay at the top of a user’s stream.

Source Quality

Pinterest determines the quality of the source by how many times users pin and repin content from a particular website or blog post. If the Pin links to a reputable website with a large volume of visitors, the pin is likely to get a higher ranking on a user’s pin stream.

Pinterest Rating

The smart feed content generator determines the rating Pinterest assigns to each pin. This generator chooses pins based on what other users have pinned from that source.

The pins that are most likely to make it to the top of the Smart Feed are those with high-quality images with little or no text that have a compelling pin description.

Create More Meaningful Pins

Moving forward, Pinterest will want you to create pins that contains high-quality images, link to a reputable website and include a helpful description. The more repins and comments that your pins generate, the more likely it is that they will appear on the top of another user’s pin stream.

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