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Dec 2014
Photo credit: @dladancers
Photo credit: @dladancers

Have you taken time to think about your own personal brand? Many business owners dedicate so much time to their company’s brand image that they forget about their own. However, in the age of transparency, more and more people are digging further than a company’s web page.

Social media is making it easier than ever to see the faces behind a business, which is both a gift and a curse for countless organizations. Fortunately, there are ways to show the world that you are a bright and capable asset to the industry.

Here are a few ways that you can make a great impression when people scope you out on LinkedIn:

Get your profile in tip-top shape.

Just as you’d want to put your best foot forward at a networking event, it’s important to show off your best self on your LinkedIn profile. This usually means making sure all the information displayed on your profile is accurate and up to date.

To start, LinkedIn users should craft a great introduction paragraph, complete your work history and hide any endorsements that don’t apply to your chief competencies. If available, your profile picture should also be updated to a professional headshot.

Be active in groups.

One great way to be seen by heavy hitters in the industry is to go where they already are. LinkedIn groups allow people to speak to one another on a level playing field and get the right eyes reading what you have to say. Become an indispensable member of these groups by sharing content and adding to other people’s conversations!

Update your connections.

Do you add people’s business cards to your contact list at the end of each week or after a big event? Use that same slot of time to connect with them on LinkedIn! You never know who might hold the link to a connection you’ve been dying to make.

Spread the love.

Have you built recommendation writing into your weekly routine? It is often said that talent recognizes talent, so don’t be afraid of giving praise to others who deserve it. As a bonus, it might just give that extra nudge they need to write something positive about you!

Get the most out of LinkedIn Pulse.

Pulse is a great source for people to get valuable information quickly and easily, and is one of the more underestimated sections of LinkedIn’s site. Set up your preferences; consistently check out its content and share some of your Pulse’s best finds on your feed. You can also build traction by publishing your unique content to the platform. Give it a try and see how your page views grow!

Are there any other ways that you have solidified your professional stature on LinkedIn? Share them in the comments.

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