My Journey of Becoming a Senior Digital Marketing Strategist

Aug 2023

In today’s fast-paced online world, businesses need experienced marketers who can help drive growth. A digital marketing strategist is a key player in this journey, responsible for crafting effective strategies that leverage various digital platforms, channels, and tactics to reach and engage the target audience.

I joined the KWSM team as a Content Editor in November 2019 with a BBA in Marketing and two years of digital marketing experience at other agencies. I knew I was ready to take on new challenges and wanted to learn how to manage every aspect of a digital marketing strategy. Now, four years later, I have worked my way up to a Senior Digital Marketing Strategist role, and I’ve had the rewarding experience of helping many clients achieve their marketing goals.

Through my journey to my current role, I have gained a lot of knowledge and am very proud of what I have accomplished. I would like to share some insight and experience that may be helpful for anybody on the path to becoming a digital marketing strategist. 

What Does a Digital Marketing Strategist Do?

At KWSM, the primary role of every DMS/Senior DMS is to be the main point of contact and account lead for our clients. We are the “quarterbacks” of every deliverable we create for our clients, and the go-to people to ask about the status, due date, details, and nuances of every project. 

Another big part of this role is a commitment to ongoing knowledge – we each must stay at the forefront of the digital marketing industry and be ready to answer any questions our clients have about the ever-changing landscape. 

We also commit ourselves to sharpening our skills in order to effectively communicate the work we do and the strategies we create to our clients. We must know enough about SEO, web design, advertising, Google Analytics, social media, etc., in order to help our clients understand the “why” behind our recommendations.

My Career Journey

When I first joined the agency, I was nervous and unsure of my ability to lead clients well. Now, thanks to the support of my team and the training KWSM provides, I’m a completely different digital marketer – one with noticeable bravery and self-assurance. 

I am proud to say that over the past four years here, I have grown to have every confidence that I do my job well. This confidence has helped my new clients trust me and allowed me to inspire new team members who join the agency.

Honorable Accomplishments

While I’ve had the pleasure of helping many of my clients achieve exciting results over the years, some of my most memorable achievements include:

All of these accomplishments reflect hard work, effective collaboration, and excellent communication from myself and the rest of the KWSM team.

Accolades From My Team

Since everything we do at the agency is collaborative, none of this would have been possible without help from my team. Their hard work, loyalty, and support have been an integral part of my professional journey.

“Meredith possesses remarkable attention to detail, which, coupled with her inquisitive nature, allows her to gain an innate understanding of every facet of her clients. This unique ability enables her to craft work with an exceptional level of expertise and consideration. Any client who collaborates with her is fortunate to have a Digital Marketing Strategist with such skill and dedication.” 

– Greg Colacino, Director of Content, KWSM

“I have worked with Meredith for nearly four years and she truly exemplifies all of the core values of KWSM. Not only does she work hard supporting all of her clients across a variety of industries, but Meredith is also always willing to support other team members – no matter what that task may be. She is the ultimate team player and an invaluable asset to KWSM.” 

– Brianna Zambrano, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist, KWSM

“Meredith is someone our team knows they can count on. Her ability to manage all of her clients and deliver exceptional work makes her an invaluable member of our team. It’s such a pleasure to work alongside her and I learn so much from watching the way she interacts and communicates with our clients.” 

– Miranda Vazquez, Junior Content Creator, KWSM

“I’m so proud of Meredith’s growth as a leader at the agency. Her journey is the result of a lot of hard work and tenacity. Her willingness  to consistently work to improve her performance – both in subject matter expertise and soft skills – is admirable.”

-Katie Wagner, President, KWSM

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