Instagram Stories or Instagram Feed: Which is Best For Your Business?

Aug 2019

You hear it all the time, “Instagram Stories are better than your Instagram feed” or “The Instagram feed is better than your Instagram stories.”  Which is it? Even though you might have a favorite, there is no true right or wrong answer. Choosing the way to showcase your business really depends on your goals. Both tools are useful in helping connect your brand with your audience. To help you better understand, we will explain the best way to utilize both features.


Instagram Stories


When it comes to Instagram Stories, it is all about a moment in time. This moment can be many things for your business.  A couple of examples would be a launch of a new product to share with consumers or a boomerang of the ribbon-cutting from your latest location grand opening. 


Once you upload, your followers will be able to view your post for 24 hours. Stories are the best way for your existing audience to get to know you better by seeing what you are doing in real-time. This is a good platform to showcase behind the scenes activity of your business and reveal more about the people in your company.  Another advantage here is that you can build your Story by adding to it over the course of the day. With your regular Instagram feed, your audience might not be that excited to see multiple posts from your business in their feed. They could even unfollow you. If you want inspiration for your Stories, we have some tips on how to make them even better.


Instagram Feed


The Instagram feed is a great way for new people to get to know you quickly on a surface level. When it comes to the Instagram feed, it is more strategic with how pictures are arranged and the aesthetic of the posts compared to the story that showcases what you are doing on the fly. 

Your followers can see your highlights (saved stories) on your feed, and they will have access to pictures posted in the past that can be viewed at any time unless taken down of course. Your audience can also discover your business with the use of hashtags.  


There are 16,600,000 Google searches for “Instagram” per month.

Are you using Instagram in your digital marketing strategy?

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