More than Just a Video | Social Media Help Desk Episode 82

Nov 2019

Does your website utilize the power of video? It’s more than just a design preference; it can be the difference between a web page that converts, and one that doesn’t. This week on the Social Media Help Desk, our guest host Stephen Wagner is leading the conversation with panelists Content Editor Ivana Hermida and Junior Content Editor Kayson Martin. In this episode, the panel discusses the week’s news topics along with two key discussion points, how your landing pages can benefit from video, and which social media platform does each generation gravitate towards. 


In the News (00:00-10:08)


First, we provide you with the information you need to know from this week’s trending social media stories. As the platforms change (and that’s often), it’s important to stay up to date. This week, we’re covering three news stories about Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube that will change the way you use these platforms. Watch as we discuss these changes and new features, and share our thoughts on how business owners can incorporate them into their digital strategy. 


The One Thing Your Landing Page is Missing (10:08-15:05)


If you’re building landing pages to help support your company’s campaigns, odds are you have a checklist of items you include on these web pages. Call to action? Check. Compelling offer? Check. But there’s one component many businesses forget to include, and it’s one of the most important – video! Kayson shares her experience with landing page creation and how not including video could be negatively affecting the quality of your landing page. Watch to find out the 3 reasons you need to be including video on your site. 


Generation: Social (15:05-24:25)


When there are so many places to look, finding your audience online can be tough. And when you’re looking to build your social strategy around the places your audience hangs out online, you need to narrow down where those places are. We’ve experienced a similar struggle with the clients’ businesses we manage, and it’s a task we take on with every new business. In our final group discussion, Ivana shares her findings from breaking down social media habits by generation. From the growing presence of Baby Boomers online to the tech-savvy Gen Zers, the panel discusses how it may not be as black and white as it may seem. 


As of February 2019, Facebook is still the most popular channel for Boomers and Millennials. 


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