Tag, You’re It: What You’re Missing if You Aren’t Tagging on Social Media

Nov 2019

Is there anyone/anything you have been following that you admire? Perhaps it is a brand that you enjoy shopping or an influencer that does an exceptional job showcasing products or lifestyles.

No matter who it is, you have the capabilities to connect with them through your brand. Tagging helps build the bridge. Tagging on social media is a way for people to engage with other people or brands by mentioning them in a post or comment. Here’s how to incorporate tagging into your networking strategy on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


How it Works

Although tagging could be mistaken for hashtagging, they are very different. 

Hashtagging allows your post to get exposed to random people searching for the hashtag you used in your post. That’s much more of a search and discovery function.

Tagging in posts allows you to connect individuals and brands directly in your post virtually.  When you tag them, they will receive a notification that they are linked to that specific post. The entity you’ve tagged can decide if they want to like and/or comment on it. 


Where to Tag

Depending on which platform your brand uses, the tagging can be different.

Instagram: On this platform, you can tag brands in your post, but they have to have the right settings to allow it.  Most brands like when people tag their posts because it exposes them to authentic content made by loyal uses.

Facebook: You can tag a page in your copy or in the photo of your post if that business has a setting that allows it.  This is a great way for local community groups to reach out and get to know each other.  

LinkedIn: You can tag any business on LinkedIn, but you can only tag individuals if you know them and are connected to them.  If you are trying to tag people on your company post, we recommend posting on the company page and then having your employees who may be connected to individuals tag them. 


Why it’s Important 

Tagging is a great tool to gain exposure to individuals and companies that you would not ordinarily be able to connect. An influencer in the running space, for example, could show Nike the power of her following, but posting a photo of her holding her shoes after a marathon run.  If Nike sees that she has a lot of engagement, the brand could also like the post, or it could reach out to her in a comment or Direct Message about possible opportunities. 

In return, those users you tagged may decide to tag you in one of their future posts, which would provide you with more traffic. What goes around, comes around. Are you ready to start getting your brand out there?


Did you know that tagging users can increase engagement by 56%?

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