Media Pitch Tips: How to Score Media Coverage

Jul 2022

Media Pitch Tips: How to Score Media Coverage

A media pitch can be daunting. Although your business may want the benefits of winning media coverage, the process of getting a story picked up can be overwhelming. Here are some simple tips to help you create a great media pitch and land your story.

Tip 1: Journalists Are Also Your Audience

Journalists are looking for relevant and hot topics to share with their readers. It’s crucial that your news topic will excite this journalist audience as well as readers from your own loyal audience. It’s a common media pitching mistake for businesses to not know the needs of both of these audiences. Avoid this mishap by first taking a look at the publications your customers are reading. This will help you narrow down the publications you should be going after. Then, research the journalists that work at those publications. This means reviewing their past articles and even the news they’re sharing on social media. Knowing who you’re pitching is just as important as knowing who your brand’s audience is. If you submit a story idea to the wrong writer, your news may never be seen. 

In addition to knowing where your audience reads, research what they are reading as well. Your media pitch should reflect what is interesting to your target audience. Look for ways to tie in your idea to current events or trends in your industry that can showcase your expertise. Don’t forget to also look at what articles have already been written about the topic you’re pitching. No one likes to read repetitive news. 

Tip 2: Track  and Outline Your Media Pitching Efforts

After you’ve identified where your audience is spending time and what they are reading, your next step is to create a media pitch list. Write out the names of the media you’d like to pitch and include their beats, publications, contact information, and any interaction you have with them. This document will help you keep track of who you are reaching out to, what publications are covering your story, and where in the pitching process are your story ideas. Your list will help you eliminate over pitching to the same outlets and journalists and give you a clear picture of who your best contacts are.

Tip 3: Write a Killer Media Pitch

The most overwhelming part of the process is writing a media pitch, but it doesn’t have to be. Just keep it simple and focus on the following items.

Get to the Point Fast

Journalists don’t have a lot of time to review story ideas. Your pitch should be short and sweet. If your pitch is more than a few paragraphs, you’ve written too much.

Create a Catchy Headline

The first thing a writer looks at is the subject line of their email. If your headline isn’t captivating, your pitch will go straight to the trash. Try adding stats and action words to catch the writer’s attention and make them want to learn more.

Focus on the Story

Lead with your expertise and grab a writer’s attention immediately. For your pitch, start with an opening line that introduces yourself, your story, and why the writer should care. Then, share a great call to action with some facts that leave them wanting more of the story. Consider even attaching a few photos to entice your writer more.

Customize Your Media Pitch

Even if you have a killer headline and great story, you will sabotage your chances of landing a story if you get the reporter’s name or beat wrong. NEVER copy and paste a pitch or do a mass send. Your pitches should be custom for each journalist you are reaching out to.

A lot happens behind the scenes before an email is sent to a writer. This includes researching your audience and writer and creating your pitch. Rushing through this process can hurt your chances of landing great media coverage. Be sure to create a public relations strategy that allows you ample time to research, write, and network.

Journalists respond to roughly 3.27% of the pitches they receive.

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