How a Copywriting Brief Can Get You the Content You Want

Aug 2022

If you like getting things right the first time (or as close to the first time as possible), you understand that proper communication and instructions can be crucial for nailing your project objectives. Brand copy is an excellent way to build client loyalty and brand recognition. In order for your customers to know the ins and outs of your service or product, communication within your team is the first crucial step.

Anyone working with a copywriter must accurately express their vision for the projects they commission. It is possible that, as a company, you won’t know what you want until you see it. For everyone else, having a copywriting brief ensures that creative content is delivered quickly and as close to how you envisioned it as possible.

What is a Copywriting Brief?

A copywriting brief is a document clients give their copywriter which provides the necessary information the writer needs to complete the project.

Often, companies are so familiar with their services or products that they don’t realize what they take for granted. Briefs help catch copywriters up to speed on what the company is and what the client hopes to accomplish upon the completion of the project.

Instructing a copywriter to “figure it out” leaves too much room for misunderstanding. Briefs help ensure that everyone is on the same page. If a company is working with multiple copywriters, briefs ensure that everyone has the same information, understandings the project’s goals, and writes in the proper brand voice.

How to Write a Copywriting Brief

The great thing about copywriting briefs is that they don’t need to be difficult to write. In fact, once the client has written one, much of that information can be used as a template across different projects—and multiple copywriters.

Company Information

The first section of a brief should include the background information about the company. This includes a plain-English description of the company and its offerings, its location and service areas. Briefs should include the company goals, objectives, ROIs, and call-to-actions.


Copywriters will write different copy based on who they are writing for. Will this project be engaged with by industry professionals or laypeople? Businesses or consumers? People already familiar with the brand, or new customers? What are the demographics and locations of the audience? The more a company knows its audience, and the more they’re able to include in the brief, the more the copywriter can tailor their projects to those audiences.

SEO Directives

If a business has an understanding of SEO goals that they are marketing for, it is best to include that information in a brief. Those that don’t know where to start can rely on content optimization digital marketing teams to build the best SEO strategy for their business.

The Project Itself

Once writers have the necessary background information, a brief dives into the specifics of the project. Consider the project type, size or word count, tone of voice, goals, wireframe, any available assets, or the point in the customer journey.

If the project surrounds a product, the copywriter should have as much information about the product as possible. If the project surrounds a certain event, be sure that the writer has all the information about the event.

Giving the copywriter in-depth information—and lots of it!—is the best way to ensure that copy not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them in every way.

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