Does Having a Moving Image as an Email Profile Lead to Increased Open Rates?

Jul 2022

If you often scroll through Gmail on your phone, you may have noticed that some profile images move. Noticeably, Canva, which is seeking to expand its animation and video capabilities, has used this feature to their advantage in eblasts. If you run your email marketing through a G-Suite account, you can easily upload a .gif file through the administrative dashboard.

Email marketing is a crucial pillar to any digital marketing strategy, but fighting for attention on the saturated medium involves careful planning. Marketers are constantly looking for smart and non-clickbaity ways to bring more eyes to their content.

Does Having a Moving Image, or GIF, as an Email Profile Lead to Increased Open Rates?

Although the feature to add moving images to your email profile has been out for many years, few companies have used the feature to their advantage. As it stands, Google and other companies have been tight-lipped about how this particular feature affects open rates. However, based on the precedent that emojis in the subject line have set, using extra imagery in subject lines has inconclusive results, due to emojis insignificantly affecting open rates. At the end of the day, having a moving email profile may look cool, but it might not have much of an effect on your open rates.

That being said, GIFs are valuable tools in your email marketing strategy if used well. Emails with GIFs have higher engagement. GIFs in your email body use little file space, and can be eye-catching, fun, and beautifully designed. They are easy to make and don’t require any special software.

How to Create Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines to Increase Open Rates in Email Marketing

Keep it Short

Subject lines should be attention grabbing and interesting, without being misleading. Follow email guidelines to be sure that your subject is not too long for the platform.

Have a Profile Image

While the jury is still out on moving images, having an image in your email profile helps with open-rates. This lets your subscribers see that you are a real person or business.


Many eblast tools have tools that help you customize your emails for each subscriber, helping to keep your emails out of the spam folder.

Email is 40% better at converting than Facebook or Twitter.

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