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Oct 2018

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Chances are you’ve heard about this before, but in case you haven’t: video is your important! There has been no slow-down in the support for video across the social media platforms. Even if you’re posting YouTube videos and doing the occasional Facebook Live, you’re not taking advantage of your content the way you should. Every platform loves video, and making sure you know how to maximize your video content on every platform will be key to staying successful.


Upload, Don’t Link


This rule applies to every platform. Simply putting your video on YouTube and linking to it is not enough. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram have all become more user-friendly when it comes to posting video. Videos that are hosted natively on Facebook get around eight times the number of comments and engagement. Facebook ranks native video higher as well, assuring that more people see your content.


Twitter has the same love of native videos. Your post will be seen as more valuable, and the autoplay function helps catch the eyes of viewers. Instagram also favors video content, and with the proper hashtags, you will see a jump in engagement over your normal, static posts.


Take It Live


Facebook and Instagram have made live video a breeze. When Facebook users were polled, 82% of users said they prefer watching livestreams to reading a simple post. Instagram stories give you the ability to go live, whether it’s in the office, at an event, or at home. The live video you create remains in your story, making it easy for your audience to catch up on your videos even if they can’t watch live. Your Facebook Live videos will also live on your page, giving you a solid backlog of videos to use later as rebranded content. These videos don’t need to be perfect or glossy. Your authenticity should show through in your videos, even if they are a bit rough.


Pay Attention To Length


Your video content will be valuable across every platform, but you can’t treat every platform the same. A half-hour video on Facebook will likely do great, but that same video on Twitter won’t do you any favors, and LinkedIn has a 1-minute time limit on uploaded videos (Live videos don’t have a restriction). That means you need to know exactly what you’re trying to accomplish with your videos. Cutting out sections of longer videos and editing them into 30 seconds to a minute will get you the best results for those platforms. Make sure you know exactly what you want to accomplish when you film to get the maximum effect.


No matter how many channels you are active on, creating effective video should be a priority. Test out different forms and find out what works for your audience. With the holiday’s just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to find out how effective video can be for your brand!


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