Mastering Self Promo | Social Media Help Desk Episode 72

Aug 2019

Self-promotion can be powerful, but if you’re not careful, it can become boastful. This week on the Social Media Help Desk, I sat down with our host Jeff Soto and my co-panelist Ivana Hermida, to discuss the latest social media news, how to best utilize your video content for social media, and how real estate agents can master the art of self-promotion. 


We’re kicking this episode off with a run-down on all the changes coming to the social media channels you use. We’re discussing the new additions Twitter and Instagram are bringing to the platform, while Facebook is doing away with a chat feature in an attempt to combat spam. Hear our thoughts on the news and how we think this will affect the future of these social networks.  


I’m up next, and we’re talking all things video! Do you have a video marketing strategy? Are you utilizing those videos in more places than one? I’m sharing my favorite ways to use these videos on the different platforms and how to make the most out of the content you’ve created. 


Then, Ivana is wrapping up our conversation with some helpful promo tips for real estate agents. With a multitude of platforms at our disposal, which ones should agents be focusing on to best promote themselves and their business? Watch as we discuss your options and where we recommend starting. 


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