Mad for March Madness | Social Media Help Desk Episode 52

Mar 2019

The whole country, including our KWSM team, has gone MAD for March Madness. This week on the Social Media Help Desk, we’re kicking things off discussing how companies just like ours can leverage the popularity of March Madness in their social content. Our host, Stephen Wagner, is then leading the discussion on Facebook ads as the team talks the difference between boosting a post and running an ad. We follow up with important info you need to know about how backlinks on your website could be hurting your SEO.


In lieu of the craziness of March Madness, what better way to kick off the discussion than with a rundown on how one of the most popular sporting events of the year can play into your company’s social media strategy?


Content editor Taylor Glaze is then sharing her expertise on Facebook advertising with the rest of the panel. We’re often asked what the difference between boosting a post and running an ad is on Facebook. Taylor is clearing up the misconceptions and letting you know which method is best for your business.


KWSM web developer Billy Bates switches gears with his thoughts on backlinking within websites. Could your backlinks actually be hurting your site’s SEO? Billy’s got your answer and how you can fix any damage that might be done.


As we do every week, we’re closing things out with information on the most important changes and updates coming to social media. From Snapchat gaming to Facebook’s new secret feature, these updates could shake up the way you use your favorite social platforms.


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