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Mar 2019

One of the most exciting things about social media is that it is constantly changing, updating, and improving. From new features to new interfaces – there is a challenge to constantly find the new best angle to tell your story. This week in social media news, Twitter rolls out some insider updates sure to positively affect companies, WhatsApp Business makes an appearance, and Facebook Messenger’s newest thread feature makes communicating even more simplified.


Hello, @twttr


This month, Twitter released a prototype app called Twttr (because if you want your brand to be more hip, just remove all vowels… fortunately for us, we are already hip with KWSM) This prototype gives those select users the ability to access new features, and allows Twitter to collect that data before rolling it out completely. For companies with Twttr, this allows the advantage of seeing the new features before they hit Twitter, allowing time to plan ahead on how to capitalize on them. Interested in getting access to Twttr? Click here.


In other notable Twitter news, the platform recently released its own podcast called Character Count which is teaching listeners how to be more effective with your social channels, such as how to better use Twitter Ads.


Will WhatsApp be the next big place for businesses?


WhatsApp Business, a separate app from the popular messaging platform, WhatsApp, has made an appearance on iOS in several countries and is expected to head to the U.S. soon. The app will allow messaging between companies and customers – think Yelp, with direct messaging. The app is reported to be free for companies to use and communicate with customers on, allowing a great space for customers to reach customer support. We will keep an eye out for this opportunity on WhatsApp Business as it becomes available.


Threads Make Facebook Messenger More Simplified


Group messages just became a little less annoying with Facebook Messenger’s newest update. The app released the ability to respond to another member of your group directly, within your group text. This feature can be accessed by depressing the message you wish to directly reply to, and selecting “reply.” This reply does not interfere with the rest of the group thread, leaving the original message visible (see image below.)


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Did you know Twitter recently reported that video on the app gets 10 times more engagement rather than tweets without? Start rolling the cameras!

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