LinkedIn’s New “Stories” Feature

Oct 2020

First came the Snapchat Stories, and then shortly after came the Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories. Now, we have LinkedIn Stories. 

This marks just one of several new LinkedIn features. LinkedIn Stories went live as a feature in the continued hopes to make the platform more user-friendly and allow the work-from-home world to feel slightly less distant (and of course to increase users’ time spent on the social networking site). 


So, the big question is, what should your company be posting to LinkedIn Stories?

Going up! LinkedIn Stories can help elevate your company’s page to the next level.


Webinars and Special Events

While the Events tab is a great place for these things to live long-term, utilizing your company’s LinkedIn Story to highlight when these new events are announced can increase reach and initial awareness. 


If you’re lucky enough to have a team member speaking on a panel or attending a conference, consider having them do a “takeover” of the LinkedIn Stories for the day to show the world what they spoke on or what they saw that has added value. 


Awards and Article Mentions 

Any awards or article mentions that your company receives should definitely be deemed feed-worthy, but a screenshot of the mention with a tag of who gave you the award or mention would be a great second layer to post to the story immediately after your feed post. This will help not only increase engagement on your LinkedIn Story, but also lead people back to your feed’s post to connect and learn more. 



As a networking site, LinkedIn naturally attracts job seekers. There’s a high chance these job seekers will be exploring company pages. Showing off fun tidbits that highlight your unique company culture can give you a leg up. In fact, 47 percent of job seekers rate culture as “very important” when choosing whether or not to apply for a position. 


No matter what your marketing goals are, LinkedIn Stories may be a great new tool to showcase your company. Spend some time getting to know the area, and then go ahead and create your first post. Stories live for 24 hours before “disappearing,” so posting, analyzing, and slightly altering your strategy each time to increase reach and enhance performance are an ease in this space. 


How Much Text Can be Included in a Facebook Ad?LinkedIn currently has 303 million users, 40 percent of which visit the site daily.

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