How to Build a Marketing Strategy That’s Scalable

Oct 2020

build_marketing_strategy_that_is_scalableAs a small business or start-up, growth is a future goal that can seem far away. You are likely focused on creating stable company processes and combating the unexpected challenges life throws your way. Even if growing your business isn’t at the forefront of your plans, you likely still have some idea of how you want to do so. The same should be true for your marketing. Even if you don’t have the capability to run a comprehensive marketing strategy right now, you should set yourself up for success by thinking about the long-term picture in everything you are doing. 

Not sure where to start? Here’s how to build a marketing strategy that’s scalable.


Establish the Basics

The first step in creating scalable marketing is establishing your business in the marketing space. Even if you don’t have the capability to post on every social media channel each week, simply creating a profile on Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, and other platforms will secure your spot in those arenas for when you are ready to put focus there. Establishing your brand in these places ensures nobody else takes your name or handle and sets you up for future success.

Determine Your Priorities 

If you’re trying to manage your small business’s marketing with an in-house team, you likely don’t have the capabilities to do everything you want to do. Take some time to sit down with your team and strategize your marketing goals, then determine what aspects are most essential to get you there. Are you looking to increase organic website traffic? Focus on SEO. Do you want to drive brand awareness? A solid social media presence may be the answer. Determine your priorities to help you figure out where to start in your social strategy, and start scaling by utilizing the places that best fit your goals and needs.

Don’t Become Stagnant 

To build a marketing strategy that’s scalable, you need to keep your baseline up-to-date. Stay updated on trends in the marketing world that may play into your long-term strategy and brand goals, and make sure you are refreshing your marketing collateral every so often to match the trends you notice. A scalable marketing strategy is one that is strong but adaptable and has all the assets you need to grow off of. 


41% of local businesses depend on social media to drive revenue.


Make sure your strategy is effective for the present and the future. KWSM has years of expertise in developing comprehensive marketing strategies that can grow with your business. 


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