In the News: Twitter Kickstarts Their Voice Tweets Back Up, Facebook Creates New Features For Groups, and Pinterest Adds Ad Slots

Oct 2020

While we undergo changes in our personal lives, platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have been working on making their own changes. We share what changes these platforms have made in the news this week.In the News: Twitter Kickstarts Their Voice Tweets Back Up, Facebook Creates New Features For Groups, and Pinterest Adds Ad Slots

Twitter Brings Back Voice Tweets

Although voice tweets were not as effective in the past, Twitter has added new features to make the experience better.

Audio tweets are now available to more iOS users (it is not available for Android), and they have now added auto-captions for voice tweets to allow those who are unable to hear to be able to join in on the conversations. 

With the implementation of voice tweets, the hope is that they will give users more room for creativity, provide content with more context, and give marketers a new approach to outreach to their audiences.

Facebook Adds Admin Assist to Facebook Groups

With more than 1.8 billion people now using Facebook Groups every month, Facebook has added some features to make the experience better for their users.

Admin Assist is a new process that allows group admins to set up automated rules for post moderation. With this feature, it gives group admins the ability to control their group discussions better and manage engagement more easily. 

These are just some of the restrictions a group admin can manage:

Pinterest Adds Ad Slots

With the holidays approaching, Pinterest is helping businesses by allocating ad slots. Advertisers will be able to place ads in Pinterest Lens matches, the Shop tab within Pinterest search, and shopping matches on Pins.

In addition to this, Pinterest is also looking to give Pin marketers more data on the path to conversion from each Pin, with new, in-depth insights on specific Pin performance. According to Pinterest, businesses “will be able to analyze performance, view top converting Pins, and turn their best performing organic Pins into ads. In addition, they’ll be able to track their activity funnel and see how Pinterest audiences converted on the path to purchase.”


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