Likes or Comments: Which Instagram Interaction is Most Valuable?

Feb 2022

Likes or Comments: Which Instagram Interaction is Most Valuable?

Instagram has about one billion active users, so it’s no surprise that businesses are intrigued by the platform’s ability to assist in not only acquiring an audience, but keeping them engaged. Users with an Instagram for Business account have the ability to see their audience’s engagement through Instagram Insights’ Accounts Engaged feature. Interaction includes likes, comments, shares, and saves. So which of these is the most valuable to your business? 


Let’s explain each in further detail… 



When a post is intriguing or relatable, someone will like it. This interaction is done at a low cost to the viewer, simply because all they must do is give it a tap. The value in likes is the more that you get, the more people your business can reach. Although Instagram has recently allowed the option of hiding the like amount externally, the metric is still beneficial for engagement numbers internally. 



Comments signify the conversation aspect of your audience typing a response. Majority of posts receive less comments than likes, but Instagram understands this and in the algorithm will rank posts with more comments higher on the feed. To leverage this, you should spark conversation by asking questions or to reply with a yes or no to boost this Instagram interaction



A share takes place when someone finds the information fascinating enough to share on their feed via a Story or to another Instagram user through direct message. This interaction is very valuable as it has the opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of users on Instagram – users who may have not known about your business. To boost shares, try posting trending topics that are related to your business. 



When someone finds your post so valuable that they need to reference the information later, they save it. This interaction can give insight as to what your audience is truly seeking. To increase saves, you should focus on what type of content your audience found valuable on previous posts.


Which Interaction is Most Valuable? 

It would be foolish to say that one Instagram interaction is more valuable than the other without understanding your business and your audience. However, the interactions where the audience is putting in the most effort to retain the information – comments and shares – are a better measure of whether the content is beneficial to the audience. You will get out what you put in, so create visually appealing posts to generate likes, spark questions to generate conversations, discover fascinating topics to receive more shares, and express value in the posts so your audience will save it for the future. 


 1 in 2 people use Instagram to seek out new brands. 

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