Las Vegas Business Closures: Plan A Strong Digital Marketing Strategy

Mar 2020

las vegas boulevard sign in dark sunsetIn light of the COVID-19 pandemic, a statewide mandate has forced businesses in Nevada to close. Las Vegas’ offerings are now on an essential needs basis, leaving the city to become a quiet oasis in the desert. If you run a non-essential business, you may have been affected by the official order. How do you move forward with yours?


How Does The Mandate Work?

The governor of Nevada, Steve Sisolak, gave a speech mandating that any non-essential business close for 30 days. These businesses include gyms, shopping malls, and restaurants without take-out or drive-thru options. The order also included hotel-casinos, conventions, and events to cease or close. If you’ve been around The Strip, you’ve seen that it’s a ghost down. 

Meanwhile, essential businesses like hospitals, grocery stores, and gas stations will remain open to serve the community. 

With dozens of confirmed cases so far, Governor Sisolak has urged Nevadans to help stop the spread of the coronavirus by staying home. Sisolak stated, “At this time, we must act aggressively and decisively to protect ourselves, our families, and our community.” After the initial 30 days, Sisolak will talk with his team and they will make an assessment as to whether or not the statewide closures will continue.


How Is My Business Affected?

The statewide order came into effect on Tuesday, March 17th; you may have been forced to close your doors to customers for an indefinite amount of time. The important thing to remember is that this situation is temporary. In fact, some events have been postponed to dates later this year. Currently, the closure will last for 30 days, but consider planning beyond that.

During this extraordinary time, it is essential to continue your operations and carry out your business with care, even if you are closed. Stopping your operations could produce lasting effects you may not be prepared for. Strategic planning helps businesses succeed on a regular basis, and the same is true for extreme situations. Therefore, now is an opportune time to adjust your marketing strategy.


How Do I Move Forward?

Accommodate your business for online use. If you have a strong digital marketing strategy in place, you do not need to worry. If you haven’t considered turning to digital marketing, now may be a perfect time. Make an effort to invest in leads and awareness online. Face to face interactions with your customers is important, but the ability to get your business in front of customers in their space is valuable, especially now. 

Additionally, implementing effective marketing alternatives can boost your business in times of need, even with a strategy in place. Putting online resources to work in your favor is the key. And last but not least, remember to consider your customers’ feelings with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic and your business. The power of kind, genuine words and accommodating motions can go a long way to maintaining a strong, long-term relationship long after the closure period subsides. 


megaphoneThe city of Las Vegas hosted 42,523,700 visitors in 2019.

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