KWSM’s Trey Burley makes the top 25 Daddy Bloggers

Jun 2011

Recently we asked people to vote for Daddy Mojo, a daddy blog that I write, when I’m not doing social media work for Katie Wagner Social Media.  The vote was for a contest to earn a place in the top 25 Daddy Blogs as ranked by Circle of Moms.    Circle of Moms is one of the bigger sites for moms to gather online, share parenting advice, tips and more.

With big thanks to KWSM supporters it can be announced that Daddy Mojo did place in the Circle of Moms top 25 Daddy Blogs!

Do you blog?  It’s a great way to creatively vent, network with like minded people or just anonymously post points of view.  If you do blog then you can attest to the importance of contests like the one recently put on by Circle of Moms.  As a writer or business person contests like that are important to enter for a number of reasons.

You’re being associated with a bigger fish


They are one part link building, one part SEO and mix it in with a little bit of good luck.  By entering blogging contests or ‘like’ contests on facebook you’re helping further your brand.  It can be you personally or your business page.  If it’s a legitimate, reason to reach out to people who can extend your brand reach then do it-even if it’s a long shot.

The only downside to entering those types of contests is that you continually have to remind folks to vote.  If you’re not careful and are too much of a pest, then you can also damage your brand.  It’s a fine line, but if you know how to gauge your audience then it’s worth the relatively small risks.


It is good practice


Just how good do you want brand YOU to be?  Of course you want whatever you’re associated with to be great.  Participating in contests like this help you exercise your social media and writing skills.  If you blog or are on social media you want a challenge every once in a while and these contests are perfect for that.


How do you find these contests?


That is the toughest part, but it all comes down to networking.  Be sure to follow the really big fish in your area on all relevant social media channels.  The odds are that at least one of them will be in a couple contests each week.  Simply follow their link to the contest page and put your qualifications in the ring.

Out of all of your friends on facebook right now there is at least one or two of them involved in some contest.  It could be a ‘like’ for them to earn a gift certificate to a local restaurant.  That is also very clever.  The person on facebook who is trying to get ‘likes’ receives attention and the restaurant that is providing the gift certificate is winning also by the repeated mentions.  It is win/win, and isn’t that what business and social media is all about?


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