KWSM Partners with Web Wise Kids

May 2011

Santa Ana, CA – May 24, 2011 – Web Wise Kids, a national non-profit organization and recognized leader in Internet safety education, announces its partnership with Katie Wagner Social Media.

Located in Laguna Beach, CA, Katie Wagner Social Media is a boutique online media agency that provides social media content and management for businesses and non-profit organizations. Katie Wagner Social Media will provide Web Wise Kids online social media support leveraging tools including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Four Square, LinkedIn and other online platforms to help promote Web Wise Kids’ programs.

“We are honored to have Katie Wagner Social Media providing Web Wise Kids with her services on a pro bono basis,” says Judi Westberg Warren, President of Web Wise Kids. “With social media constantly growing, changing and evolving, we are thrilled to have Katie Wagner working with us to spread our messages across a variety of online forums.”

“As online content producers, we are acutely aware that social media has given us brand new ways to communicate, but has also raised concerns about security and privacy. Working with an organization that educates the public on children’s online safety has become not only a professional but personal passion of mine,” says Katie Wagner, President of Katie Wagner Social Media. “I am happy to offer my services to such a game changing non-profit organization.”

For more information on Katie Wagner Social Media visit, their website, Facebook fan page, or their LinkedIn page.

For more information on Web Wise Kids, visit their website, follow Web Wise Kids on Twitter, follow on Facebook, or YouTube. To donate to Web Wise Kids,


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About Web Wise Kids:

Web Wise Kids (WWK) is a national non-profit organization, dedicated to “Promoting a Culture of Safety, Responsibility and Respect to youth and families in this digital world.” WWK has a unique approach to Internet safety using state-of-the-art games to effectively communicate Internet and cell phone safety strategies to reach today’s e-generation.  WWK’s school-approved crime-prevention programs have prepared over 10 million youth and thousands of parents to be their own first lines of defense from online and cell phone danger.

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