KWSM Mentorship Program: Designing Landing Pages That Convert

Mar 2020

At KWSM, we have a mentorship program that allows team members to learn from each other. I was paired up with Princess Ruff, a Digital Marketing Strategist at KWSM Atlanta, who wanted to learn about how to make website landing pages that convert. As her mentor, I took the skills and experience of our team and the results we have created for clients to design a program  to share our best practices for landing pages. Princess wanted to put our mentorship process into action by applying what we learned to an upcoming campaign for a client.


Here are the tips we developed for creating landing pages that deliver leads for your business.


Determine the Goal of the Landing Page

Unlike a website that has several pages and describes your business and services in detail, a landing page has a specific purpose and goal to convert visitors into a lead or a sale.

Match the Message with the Right Audience

The key to a high-converting landing page is offering value or proof that you can help or solve the visitors problem or pain. 


Include the Right Design Elements

Apply your goal and what you learned about your audience to lead them to take action before they leave the page.  Get to the point, and start with what is important.


  • Design: Keep it simple, clean, and clear.  Keep your branding consistent, and choose a layout with user experience in mind.
  • Headline: Catch their attention quickly by offering a solution to their problem, or offer something of value for them to learn and stay engaged.
  • Copy: Make sure your copy focuses on how your customers will benefit from your product or service. Use bullet points to make it easy to digest, and match their concerns with your solutions using a clear call to action.
  • Credibility: Include logos of recognizable brands you have worked with, professional associations you belong to, awards you have received, and testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • Video: Relevant embedded video can increase conversions by 86% and keep visitors on your page longer, increasing the odds of them opting in.
  • Contact:  Make your contact information clear. You can provide multiple ways for visitors to contact you, from instant chat, to an email opt-in and/or including your phone number with the option to text.  All of these increase trust and the likelihood they will contact you in the way that works for them
  • Forms:  Use an email opt-in form to offer visitors something of value, whether it is a consultation, free trial, or downloadable resource. Even if they don’t call you today, you now have the option to stay in touch with them through email.


Track & Test Your Results

You can create multiple pages that have slight differences in messaging and offers to see which one performs best. Make sure you have analytics installed so that you can get real time results of  your page and take advantage of what is working and avoid what’s not.


On the road to conversions, it helps to have a set of best practices and a mentor to collaborate and create with! It’s early, but it looks like this mentorship program created a success for our client, as Princess and I designed a landing page that is generating results! We also took steps to close the distance between our Atlanta and Orange County offices by teaming up and learning together.


Wendi Liechty, Marketing Solutions Manager, KWSM Orange County


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