Keeping Your Content Fresh By Looking Backwards

Aug 2018
Looking backwards to older content can be a boon to your business
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No matter how long you’ve been on social media, professionally or personally, you know what it’s like to hit a wall. There is only so much content out there, and sometimes the creative juices just aren’t there. You can’t just not post, so what can you do during those slow periods, or when you just can’t come up with something new?


There is an old adage, “everything old is new again,” and it’s not only true for trends, it’s true for your social media presence as well. That doesn’t mean post the same article on Facebook every week, or post the same Instagram photo every other day. Repetition can be a disaster on many platforms, but that doesn’t mean your old content can’t be used to the same, or even greater, effect later on. The key is changing up how you package your content.


Change Your Copy


Repetition is a surefire way for your audience to tune you out. On a platform like Twitter where content goes by so fast, repetition is fine, but on a platform like Facebook or Instagram, you absolutely can’t get repetitive. The key is changing how you frame your content, and how you speak to your audience. Find a new way to speak to them and make the story or the picture seem new. Have it tell a different story. Use the content to show off different facets of your brand, so even if someone recognizes a story or an image, they get some new information out of it.


Trim It Up


Not all content works on all platforms. Facebook allows for long videos, where as Instagram limits you to a minute. If you have a video you have found success with on Facebook, consider trimming out up to a minute of it (or segment it into multiple pieces) and use that as content on your Instagram. Maybe a shorter version will work well on Twitter. A small visual flourish can make a massive difference, and get people reengaged with content you know is successful.


Learn From The Old Ways


Your old content isn’t just great for your audience; it can be an incredible tool for your employees, and yourself. Take your successes and find out what kind of information resonates with your customers, and what information you feel is vital for them to know. Reevaluating your past work can give you a new perspective, and a creative jump.


Forward Thinking


One piece of advice we try to adhere to at KWSM is creating a content calendar for a week or more ahead. Crafting out your content ahead of time will save you on those days you just can’t come up with something new.


The most important task you have with your social media channels is to keep things fresh and interesting so that your fans don’t get burned out, and learning from your old content is one of the best ways to keep yourself fresh!

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