Facebook and Instagram Create Time Tracking Feature

Aug 2018

Facebook and Instagram have developed an activity dashboard to let you manage the time you spend on their apps, and Facebook takes strides to monetize WhatsApp with ads geared towards closing the gap between customers and businesses. Also, stars are feeling the effects of Twitter’s fake account purge.  This is what is trending in social media.

Facebook and Instagram Release Time Management Feature

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Have you ever wondered how much time you’re spending on social media? Instagram and Facebook have introduced a feature that will show how much time you are spending daily and weekly within each app. As discussed on its blog, Facebook will also temporarily mute push notifications, and send a notification if you’ve hit a cut-off time that you set for the day.


The tools will be accessible on the Settings page within each app.  On Instagram, tap “Your Activity,” and on Facebook, select “Your Time on Facebook” to access the feature. Keep in mind that calculations of how much time you spend on each app are specific to each device, so if you’re using Instagram on your tablet and your phone, the time will be calculated separately. And while a push notification will be sent if you’ve reached your selected cut-off time, the app won’t shut down.

Facebook Monetizes WhatsApp For Businesses

WhatsApp has made three new updates to close the gap between customers and businesses, and the platform is working with Facebook to leverage ads to attribute to this. Here are the three updates:

  1. Shortcut button to immediately start a conversation with a business via WhatsApp
  2. Ability to have businesses send you information, like a boarding, pass on WhatsApp
  3. Real-time support via WhatsApp

WhatsApp opened its services up to business in September, and it is almost identical to Facebook’s Messenger. And according to WhatsApp, it will give businesses the open to opt-in to real-time support.

Simultaneously, Facebook will now display ads of businesses that link out to WhatsApp, meaning businesses can purchase ads that lead people directly to an already loaded chat with the business on WhatsApp, and they can start talking from there. And according to The Verge, businesses can respond to customers for free if they answer within 24 hours, but Facebook will charge them for any response after 24 hours. What do you think this will mean for businesses and creating more real-time support for customers?

Katy Perry and Justin Bieber Hit Hardest By Twitter’s purge

We recently told you about Twitter’s big purge of fake accounts, as the platform dumped tens of millions of accounts that were fraudulent or robotic.  Now we’re learning about the users hardest hit by the purge, and it’s some of Hollywood’s biggest names.

Daily Variety reported a few sizeable drops for A-listers.  Here are some of the numbers:

Katy Perry lost 2.8 million.

Justin Bieber lost 2.69 million.

Barack Obama lost 2.36 million

Rihanna lost 2.24 million

Taylor Swift lost 2.33 million.

Lady Gaga lost 2.51 million

Ellen Degeneres lost 2.03 million


And the biggest hit came to Twitter itself.  Twitter lost 7.75 million or 12.3% of its nearly 63 million followers.

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