Is Your Ad Facebook Friendly?

Feb 2018

You’ve spent valuable time and resources creating the perfect Facebook ad, but when it comes time to run your ad, you’re not reach enough people to see any results. Are you meeting Facebook’s 20% text rule? If not, your Facebook ad might be slowed down, if it is even showed at all! In recent years, Facebook has worked to automate the approval process of ads. And it worked! Facebook ads get approved and go live nearly instantly. But with this advancement came the crackdown on text in your images.

To ensure all ads comply with Facebook’s rules, the platform needs to make sure their tools can read everything that goes out in the advertisement. Two much text in the image worked against Facebook’s capabilities, leading to the creation of the 20% text rule.

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The 20% text rule requires that all ads on the Facebook platform include no more than 20% of writing in the creative. This includes any typography that is visible in your ad’s photo. Facebook is specific with it’s 20% requirement, but how do you know if the amount of text in your photo fits the bill?


Facebook’s Text Overlay Tool allows you to simply upload your creative for a quick analysis of your image before you spend time creating and running the advertisement.


After you’ve uploaded your image, Facebook will provide you a rating based on the amount of text in the photo.

  • OK (Your ad will run normally.)
  • Low (Your ad’s reach may be slightly lower.)
  • Medium (Your ad’s reach may be lower.)
  • High (Your ad may not run.)

By utilizing the text check tool, you’ll save time knowing your ads pass the 20% rule and will not be disapproved or slowed because of it. The tool is quick and free to use, and should always be the final step before you decide on any ad creative. Facebook ads got you stressed? Learn more about how to keep your cool while managing your business’ social media.

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