Introvert, Extrovert; Your Social Media Gives It Away

Jun 2018

Do you know your personality type? There’s a good chance, your social media audience does.  It’s quite possible you probably didn’t even know. How we interact online is easily monitored and more detectable than you think. Yes, advertisers see your online shopping addiction to Nordstrom and hit you with a shiny bag when you need it the most, but now they can even determine what type of personality you have. What does this mean you ask? Tailored ads that not only fit your style but even your personality.


While it may seem obvious after the fact, did you know introverts “like” fewer posts online? A recent study conducted by the Colombia Business School states that this leads advertisers to not only be able to tailor ads to their personality but also hone in on what gets their attention enough to put out a public “like.” An introverted personality is more likely to click on ads that feature more introverted pursuits, like a woman reading a book quietly by herself with a caption to match. Let’s be real, I would not be clicking on that ad, but to others, this is the exact setting that would get their attention.


As a fellow extrovert, I’m destined to click on an ad that portrays a group of people at a party with a caption that also screams “look at me.” Extroverts like, comment and follow a lot of things without maybe even having a real interest which actually makes them harder to target. Just because I like everything that comes across my feed, doesn’t mean I’d actually purchase it. This is where you would have to take a deeper look as to if someone is not only liking a post but if they are sharing or commenting on it. This will give better insight on what an extrovert actually would want as a consumer.

All of this information can be found and based on the topics people like and or follow online. Businesses could greatly benefit while being more effective in reaching an audience based on how they customize their advertisements to appeal to their consumers. On the other hand, it begs the question as to whether or not matching content that persuades people follows social media etiquette?

All of this goes to show how far social media has come and can continue to go. For more insights, follow our channels with daily posts of everything you need to know.

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