In the News: YouTube Sharpens its Analytics, Facebook Splashes the Cash for Video Creators, and Google Makes Search Listings Free

Jul 2020

Which new resources have you taken advantage of while you have been spending more time at home? In the news this week, Facebook and YouTube are providing creators with tools to help their marketing while Google gives us the ability to list products for free in search.In the News: YouTube Sharpens its Analytics, Facebook Splashes the Cash for Video Creators, and Google Makes Search Listings Free

YouTube Works on New Analytics Summary

The new YouTube analytics display that YouTube is working on will show creators where their views are coming from and how they can maximize each video’s performance. The new analytics report highlights your video’s click-through rate and average view duration. It also provides specific insight as to how much of your traffic is coming from “Home” and “Suggested” pages. Will you take advantage of YouTube’s amplified analytics offering?

Facebook Shows the Creators the Money

With live streaming reaching record highs due to more people spending time at home, Facebook has decided to allow more creators to sign up for the monetization tools. The new monetization options include monthly fan subscriptions and Stars goals, which appear as a permanent overlay in videos. Now, any Facebook Page that meets the eligibility criteria will have the opportunity to sign-up for monetization. To see if your business is eligible, you can get more information here.

Other ways that creators can monetize their videos:

  • Ads in Short-form Video – Facebook says that creators will be able to monetize 60-180 second videos with image and post-roll ads. 
  • Ads for Live Video – Facebook is also working on a new ad format for live-streams that include mid-roll ads. These ads play on the main screen while the stream continues in a smaller window.
  • New Ad Experiences A way to increase overall payouts for video creators in Watch. Facebook is testing whether the option to continue watching in Watch after viewing a short ad is effective.

Facebook is also testing out a new option to allow page owners to monetize live events on Facebook. The user would be charged with a one-time access charge when guests register to attend. In order to register, it requires that the user signs the terms of service and have a payment account on file.

In addition to monetization tools, another tool Facebook has launched is Comment Insights. These insights show creators how commenting on posts may lead to increased engagement and impressions. 

Google Offers Free Product Listings in Search

To help users, Google recently made its shopping tab available for free to retailers, and now they are giving users access to free search listings for products on Google.  

Google stated that “Free listings in Google Search results make your offers more accessible to the hundreds of millions of people who shop on Google each day, connecting you to more customers in more places – whether they’re across the country or across the street. […] Currently, the buying options in this panel are all sponsored links. Starting this summer, these listings will be free.”

Advertisers will still be able to pay to boost their product listings. However, with this new update, the majority of results displayed will be free.

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