Pivot Your Las Vegas Business Marketing Strategy to Meet Audience Needs

Jul 2020

Las Vegas is known for its flashy lights and gambling tables, but in the center of this iconic desert city lies a thriving community in the Arts District. That also happens to be where  KWSM: a digital marketing agency’s office is! 

Each month the art community celebrates local artists with galleries, music, and food. However, the climate has changed and has made the local scene change how it meets the needs of its audience. It’s also changing their marketing efforts. 

If you need help changing your business’ current plan, enlist the help of a Las Vegas digital marketing agency. We understand that a strong marketing strategy is an integral part of a successful business. 

Follow these inspired tips to pivot your Las Vegas business’ marketing strategy to fit your audiences’ needs.

Take Interesting Photos

Grow your audience by taking them behind the scenes at your business. Share an image of your facilities or snap a picture of something they wouldn’t normally see. Keep it interesting, and you’ll be sure to capture your audience’s attention. Many of the artists in the district are showcasing their work more digitally – using social media. This strategy keeps them top of mind and can do the same for your business. By giving audiences a peek behind the curtain, you can entice existing and new customers to continue coming back for more! Who wouldn’t love getting a sneak peek at a business they are missing a connection with?

Give Virtual Video Tours

Videos are awesome at providing your audience with what they need to know about your business and what you offer. Use videos to meet your audience’s expectations when pictures don’t reveal enough. For example, the Arts District in Las Vegas holds a monthly engagement, First Fridays, and was forced to cancel the in-person event due to the global pandemic. Instead, they made the decision to offer virtual tours of the galleries on social media to meet their audiences’ needs.  

Tell A New Story

Your business strategy must go the extra mile to tell your story. If your business’ current plan isn’t working, you may benefit from changing it altogether. For example, a local photographer working in the Arts District realized that his photography business would not survive in light of the global pandemic. Instead of folding, he pivoted his business to meet the demands of the current climate and changed his story to stay afloat. Ensure that your business is taking every precaution to meet the needs of your audience. 


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