In the News: YouTube Monitors Comments, Instagram Releases New Features, and Facebook Removes Its 28-day Attribution Window Option For Facebook Ads

Oct 2020

In the news this week, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook have been making some major moves! From keeping a closer eye on the behaviors on their platforms to adding new features, there is a lot going on! In the News: YouTube Monitors Comments, Instagram Releases New Features, and Facebook Removes Its 28-day Attribution Window Option For Facebook Ads

YouTube Tests Features for Comments

YouTube is testing two new features designed to address potentially harmful comments. 

The first feature is reminder prompts. YouTube states that, “To help encourage more respectful interactions on YouTube, we’re testing out a reminder that pops up before you post a potentially offensive comment, giving you a moment to reflect on your comment and revise your reply/comment before it’s published. From the reminder, you can move forward with posting your comment as is, or take a few extra moments to edit your comment before posting it.”

The second feature is a process that will delete “Held for Review” YouTube comments after 60 days if the Channel owner doesn’t take action on them. This feature will eliminate unwanted comments and reduce their impact on others.

Instagram Releases New Features For Its 10th Birthday

The first new Instagram 10th Birthday feature that is being released is a Stories Map. This feature provides users a private look at where you’ve posted Instagram Stories from (when you’ve used a location sticker) over the past three years.

The next feature Instagram is launching is variable icons for the app. This inspiration came from the iOS-14 trend of customized home-screens. Now, you can choose from a range of app icons to better suit your custom theme. 

To change your icon:

  1. Update your Instagram app to the latest version
  2. Tap the “Settings” icon in your Instagram Account
    3. Drag the screen down in the main menu to reveal the hidden app icons listing

Lastly, Instagram has also added in-stream shopping for IGTV. You can now see a new shopping bag icon added to IGTV videos when shopping tags are applied by the creator.

Facebook Removes Its 28-Day Attribution Model For Conversions From Ads

Facebook has announced that it’s removing its 28-day attribution window option for Facebook ads due to changes in data tracking policy. This means that advertisers will no longer be able to track direct actions based on their campaigns over a longer period.

Facebook’s attribution models enable advertisers to measure specific responses to their campaigns, based on rules set by the advertiser. 

Although Facebook is removing their 28-day attribution model, they will still have a limited 7-day overview of direct response performance.

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