In the News: Social Channels Expanding their Audio and Video Messaging including Google’s Move into TV

Jun 2020

We send 9 billion texts per day on average, but that doesn’t mean that we always want to read when we consume content.  This week, Twitter and Google launch audio and video efforts, respectively, for organic and advertising content.  Meanwhile, Snapchat is focusing on educating its audience.Digital Marketing Agency, Creative Agency, Advertising Agency, Lead Generation Companies, Website Design, Content Writing Services, Social Media Agency, Facebook Ad Agency, Ghost Blog Writers, Video Production, Social Media Management, Instagram Marketing Service, Social Media Specialist, SEO Services, Media Production Company, Website Maintenance Services, Social Media Consultant, Blog Writing Services, Content Marketing Agency, Influencer Agency, Social Media Marketing Business, Digital Marketing Services, Lead Generation Services, Social Media Expert, Website Management, Website Design Company, Katie Wagner Social Media, KWSM

Google Creates Additional Video Options

To help advertisers get the best deals for their campaigns, Google has created a TV section in their Marketplace to allow users to reach streaming audiences across devices. Ad targeting includes filters that let you segment by geography or by streaming device type to help find the right fit for your campaigns.

In addition, Google’s also added two new ready-to-buy Google ad options

The first option includes auction packages, which makes it easier for brands to run streaming ad campaigns by allowing you to select inventory that’s already assembled by publishers based on genres, popularity, seasonality, formats or audiences.

The second option is YouTube Select’s dedicated streaming TV lineup that is available to Display & Video 360 buyers in the U.S.This new streaming TV lineup will help businesses reach the growing number of people watching YouTube on the biggest screens in their homes.

Snapchat Shares Advertising Education Courses

Snapchat has created a new education platform for marketers called Snap Focus with tips and notes on how to get the most out of their various ad options. Just like Facebook Blueprint and Twitter’s Flight School, Snap Focus offers a range of courses on the various Snap ad options and tools. These courses include overviews, visual rundowns and student tests to solidify your knowledge in the subject. 

Twitter Launches Audio Clips

To amplify the user experience, Twitter is now allowing users to voice tweet. At this time, users can add 140-second audio clips to tweets among a selected group of users on iOS.

To create an audio clip in a tweet, users will be able to tap the new wavelengths icon at the bottom right of the tweet composer. Once they’ve tapped the icon, the user can record audio. The audio clips will appear in-stream and in tweets with your profile image in the center of the playback. 

Once you have reached the 140 second time limit, a new voice Tweet starts automatically to create a thread so the user can make longer monologues.

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