In The News: Google Phases Out Hangouts, Pinterest’s New AR Tool, and Facebook’s New Privacy Page

Feb 2020

empty conference roomThere’s nothing Internet users love more than trying out new apps or features, and collectively grieving over the cancellation of a favorite social channel. In the news this week, we see both sides as Google is in the process of phasing out Hangouts on G-Suite, Pinterest debuts a new augmented reality tool, and Facebook introduces more privacy and preference settings.


Google Phases Out Hangouts on G-Suite

Does your business use Hangouts on G-Suite? If you love Hangouts, be prepared because soon it will be phased out in favor of two new communication apps. What are these new apps? Hangouts Meet is a video conference app aimed towards businesses of all sizes, and Hangouts Chat is a secure and intelligent way to communicate with your team. 


The reason for this change is that Google is planning on putting several services together into one place, as well as creating a platform for corporate-grade enterprises on G-Suite. For now, all three are still available to use, but standard Hangouts will be eliminated from G-Suite later this year. A consumer version may still be available for now, but it is not certain when it will be phased out. 


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Try On Virtual Lipstick on Pinterest

Pinterest unveils a new augmented reality (AR) tool, Try On, through their camera feature, Lens, that will allow pinners to try on lipstick shades from retailers. Beauty is one of the most searched topics on Pinterest for those who search for inspiration about style and cosmetics. The Try On tool will also be able to work together with the skin tone search feature, which narrows search results to skin tone range. 


Cosmetic companies on Pinterest can use this feature to connect with pinners interested in their products and have them try out the shades without having to visit stores. You can access the feature on select lipsticks, a “try on” button will pop up, or in your search when looking for similar products. If you love the look, you can even be directed right to the business’ website to make a purchase, making the process seamless.


For now, this new tool is only being used to try on lipstick, and only time will tell what lies beyond the horizon for Pinterest’s Try On AR tool!


Facebook’s New “Off-Facebook Activity” Page

Did you know that even when you aren’t on Facebook, you still may be leaving an internet trail that opens the door for advertisers to follow?  While some scream big brother, savvy shoppers see this as a great way to earn targeted incentives!


Following the scandal with Cambridge Analytica, Facebook has tried to be transparent about how they share your information. Their solution is called the “Off-Facebook Activity” page, where you can clear data from your account. However, that does not mean they will stop collecting information altogether. With this option, they will only erase data they have collected to target ads or relevant information. Will you try the new Off-Facebook Activity page?


89% of U.S. Pinners use Pinterest for inspiration in their path to purchase.

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