How KWSM Recognizes and Champions Team Members in the Workplace

Feb 2020

There’s always a reason to celebrate! That’s something we pride ourselves on within our agency. Whether it’s a 3-year workiversary, a baby shower, or the month’s birthdays, we are always bringing joy to the office through celebrations. Another way we do this? By celebrating each other!


Recently, our President Katie Wagner was featured amongst other business professionals from companies like FE International, Memberpress, and NAACP, in an Inc. Magazine article on praising employees. Katie’s advice on this? Letting employees recognize each other.


Each week in our all-team meeting, Katie reads the anonymous Caught in the Act Submissions – a form our team has access to when they’d like to highlight a fellow team member for displaying one of our seven core values. Here’s what Katie told Inc., “When you see someone living the agency’s core values, going above and beyond for a client or producing an outstanding result, you fill out a ‘Caught in the Act’ form. At the weekly team meeting, I read all the submissions, and everyone claps.”


For a little extra motivation, we award the team member with the most Caught in the Act recognitions that week with a small prize as a thank you for their hard work and dedication to the team. 


Caught in the Acts aren’t the only way we recognize each other in the workplace. Back in our office, we have an odd but important tradition hanging on the wall to remind us of all of our successes, the Kick-Ass! This donkey poster, now covered in flip flop or cowboy boot sticky notes, is there when we want to recognize another team member for doing something awesome, or just being kick-ass at their job. It’s comical, heartwarming, and reminds us that what we’re doing really matters. 


When formal recognition just isn’t enough, our team members love to compliment and praise each other in our company’s private Facebook group. It’s just a quick way for us all to say thanks and keep in touch between offices. 


We know our team members deserve more than just a thank you, and the systems we have in place allow us to celebrate each other every day! Read the full Inc. article for more tips on praising employees


46% of job seekers cite company culture as very important when choosing to apply to a company.

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