In the News: Instagram Gifts Users With Pinned Comments, Facebook Offers Custom Audience Creation, and YouTube Adds RPM Metric

Jul 2020

In the news this week, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube provide users with features that will help them find what they need whether it be an answer to their questions, an engaged audience, or metrics to determine an action plan. You will learn more about these features below.

Instagram Allows Users to Pin CommentsIn the News: Instagram Gifts Users With Pinned Comments, Facebook Offers Custom Audience Creation, and YouTube Adds RPM Metric

As a way to showcase the most relevant comments, users are now able to pin up to three comments within their post. This allows users to set the first impression as well as the tone of the conversation. In addition, when brands pin Instagram comments, it makes the users who left those comments feel more engaged knowing that their comment was highlighted by the brand. Another benefit is that it makes it easier to find the answer to a question without having to scroll through all the comments.

Facebook Provides Businesses With Custom Audiences

Due to the recent creation of Facebook and Instagram shops, Facebook has decided to add custom audience creation options to allow brands to further engage with those who are shopping. In your Custom Audience options through Facebook Ads Manager, there’s a new option to create a listing based on “Shopping.” Once you click on it, you will have three new options to build custom lists for ad retargeting: people who viewed products, people who added any products to their basket, and people who purchased any products. This new feature gives businesses a way to re-engage with people who have already expressed a clear interest in their products. These customers are 70% more likely to convert when retargeted with display ads.

YouTube Adds New Metrics to Help With Monetization

YouTube creators are seeing lower returns than normal recently due to the impacts of COVID-19. To combat this, YouTube has been working to provide more options to help YouTubers both understand their key metrics, and maximize their revenue potential. To help, YouTube is adding a Revenue Per Mille (RPM) metric to show how much a creator earns per 1,000 views of their videos. This provides the user with insight into how much money their videos are generating to better contextualize their YouTube revenue performance beyond estimated revenue stats. The new RPM metric will also help to better contextualize that impact on their subsequent payouts from the platform, which could help to reduce angst around earnings from their work.


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