3 Social Networking Tips to Help Build Your Brand

Jul 2020

social networking to build your brandIf your business’s marketing strategy has been ‘post on social media quickly and then move on with your day,’ it’s time for a change. In today’s digital world, the post-and-go tactic doesn’t work – you need to be interacting with your customers through comments, shares, and tags to get valuable brand reach. Consumers shop with the brands they feel connected to, and if you appear inactive, how can they connect with you? Relationship building with your audience is important for any company, but it is especially essential for a small business trying to grow. Follow these tips to get the most out of your social media networking.

Outreach, Outreach, Outreach

Don’t wait for target partners or audiences to come to you – go to them! As a small business, many people you want to connect with likely don’t know about you yet. Build a list of companies and influencers that align with your brand, and dedicate some time each week to trying to connect with them. It can be as simple as leaving a comment on their posts every few days, but doing so will get your company name on their radar. A note of caution – over-commenting, or commenting with low-value content (like only an emoji), can come across spammy. The more valuable your interactions are, the more likely they’ll want to build a relationship with you.

Don’t Network For A Sale

Sales are the end goal for any business. However, they should never be your starting point when networking. As hard as many try to be discreet in their sales tactics while networking, people can always spot a sales push. To truly build a strong network you need to understand that making a sale is not the immediate goal, telling a story is. Be compelling and impactful in the messages you put out; the intention is always to make them remember you, not to push a one-off purchase. A good rule of thumb is to give more than you take in networking. Asking questions and being a respectful listener is the best way to garner good favor with both potential customers and partners.

Ensure a Timely Follow-Up 

To build a solid relationship with your network, one touch isn’t enough. Think about making a new friend – do you ever feel very close to someone after meeting them only once? Likely not. Initial sparks of interest are important, but turning those sparks into a consistent flame is how you network in a way that can build value for your business. If someone sends you a message, be sure to follow-up a few days after the initial conversation. The second touchpoint can be more informative and less conversational; it is okay at this point to ease into a discussion about your product or service. A warm lead can quickly turn cold if you wait too long to answer their question or respond to their statement.


At the end of the day, consistency is the key to successful networking. To build your credibility, you need to show up where your audience spends time and be present in ways that provide value to them. When they feel they know who your brand is, and trust your communication, you are one step closer to conversion. 


80% of consumers use social media to engage with brands.


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