KWSM Awarded Best Digital Marketing Storytellers of 2020

Aug 2020

KWSM Team 2020

KWSM is excited to announce that we’ve received an award naming us the “Best Digital Marketing Storytellers of 2020.” This award is a part of the annual Media Innovator Awards hosted by Corporate Vision for the Southern US.

How KWSM Was Recognized by Corporate Vision 

Every year, Corporate Vision Magazine hosts the Media Innovator Awards, intended to “recognize and spotlight the very best that this ever-changing and competitive industry has to offer.” Each region votes to determine one winner per category, including the Best Digital Marketing Storyteller Award.

Agencies are evaluated on information like brand history, services, products, articles, social media, presence within the industry, testimonials, and more. This combination of information is then passed on to a panel of industry professionals to be assessed. These judges cast votes based off of the following criteria:

  • Client Dedication
  • Innovation
  • Business Growth
  • Longevity
  • Online Reputation
  • Customer Feedback
  • Business Performance

Why Storytelling Matters to KWSM

Anyone familiar with KWSM knows that storytelling is a key piece of our company identity, making this award even more meaningful to our team. The importance of storytelling is clear through our mission statement:

KWSM exists to help great companies make genuine connections with their customers. We believe good business starts with strong relationships, and the best way to build them is by sharing your story.

We are proud to have our digital storytelling abilities recognized and look forward to living up to our new title as the “Best Digital Marketing Storytellers.” Corporate Vision Magazine’s full award celebration issue will be published shortly. Keep an eye out to get to know the full list of 2020 winners!


Effective storytelling can make your marketing up to 22x more memorable to consumers. Lucky for your business, storytelling is our specialty. 

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