In the News: Facebook Sees a Coronavirus Spike, Youtube Provides Users With Educational Resources, and Instagram Launches Video Chat Service

Mar 2020

While the government encourages all of us to stay at home, many users are taking to social media for news, entertainment, and learning. You’ve likely turned to video chat service providers like Blue Jeans or Zoom.  Facebook is experiencing a surge too. Meanwhile, Instagram enhances feed scrolling while social distancing, and YouTube is trying to help users grow by providing them with resources to learn.


Facebook Sees Surge

Chances are that you’ve spent more time on your social media channels, and Facebook says it sees more conversations.


The platform released two staggering stats in its blog this week.  The first was that messaging on Facebook’s Messenger platform is up 50%.  In addition, in areas hit hardest by COVID-19, Facebook is seeing double the voice and video calling on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.


Is your business having more conversations with customers or clients on those channels?  We want to hear about your experience.


Instagram Launches Video Chat With Friends

Facebook isn’t alone in its jump in video call growth.


To help with the social distancing, Instagram launched media sharing. With this new feature, you can view Instagram posts with your friends and colleagues over video chat. The way to access this is by tapping the video chat icon in your direct messages. You can view saved, liked and suggested content by tapping the photo icon in the bottom left corner during an ongoing video chat. This could be a great tool for businesses to view important posts with their customers or clients without having to meet in person.


YouTube Wants to Educate Users 

To help their users during this time, YouTube not only has news updates and information about this crisis, but the platform also created Learn@Home, a website with learning resources for users. If you want users to learn more about your industry, or if you have information you want to teach others, this is a great tool to utilize.


Almost 15% of YouTube’s Site Traffic is from the U.S.

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