If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It : 3 Reasons Art Dealers Need to be on Pinterest

Jul 2013
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Like any other industry, the Art industry is experiencing a lot of changes when it comes to how business gets done. In the age of the Internet, many people are going online to procure art for their collections. So what does this mean for local art galleries and art dealers? It means that it’s time to flaunt your stuff to art lovers across the globe! Pinterest, which is the most visual of all the social media channels,  is an incredible tool for doing just that. Here are 3 reasons why every art dealer should be on Pinterest: 

It’s time to get with the times. Like I said before, we are in the age of the Internet. And in this age, social media is the communication king. Nearly every successful business has social media buttons on their website. People expect it. So set yourself up some channels (or have us do it for you!) and get with the times! Not only will your company come off as hip and modern, but social media actually helps your business! For example, did you know that Pinterest can drive traffic to your website?  By pinning pieces directly from your site, anytime a user clicks on one of the pictures of your “pins”, it goes directly back to the picture on your website! Pretty nifty, huh?

It’s a good way to interact with the art crowd. There are over 70 million users on Pinterest. That’s 70 million people who can potentially be exposed to your collections. Pinterest gives you the ability to search for pin boards specific to the art you sell. So, if you start “liking” and “following” what art enthusiasts are pinning, chances are, they will have warm feelings towards your company and are likely to take a look at what you’re showcasing on your boards as well.

Your art will get to the people who actually like it.  With the search feature on Pinterest, you are able to target the people who would actually be interested in your art. This means that they are more likely to share your collection by “repinning” it to one of their boards. Then the people who follow their boards (also likely to be art enthusiasts) may “repin” it to one of theirs and, next thing you know, you’re getting a call from a lady you’ve never heard of in Montana inquiring about one of your pieces.

Pinterest is a great way to reach a broad scope of people with a specialized interest. For business like art dealers and art galleries, it can be an especially helpful tool. So what are you waiting for? Set yourself up a Pinterest page! Flaunt your stuff!


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