Animal Shelters & Rescues: How to Give Your Facebook Page Some BITE

Jul 2013
Sit up and listen closely... Facebook can help animal shelters and rescues get more pets adopted!
Sit up and listen closely… Facebook can help animal shelters and rescues get more pets adopted!

As animal lovers here at KWSM, we’d like to take a moment to salute all of the animal rescues and shelters out there. We know you work day and night to to take care of those homeless hounds and wandering whiskered mousers, and believe us, we know it’s not easy. So to make your lives easier, we’d like to share with you some handy Facebook strategies that you could use to help build up your page and ultimately help find homes for all the animals that you take care of.

Feature pet spotlight profiles: Pick seven animals each week and make individual posts about each of them on your Facebook page everyday. Share stories about each pet using testimonials from staff members and also, don’t be afraid to use lots of videos and photos! Keep your audience updated about each pet throughout the week. By sharing these types of stories, your audience will better “connect” with the pet, which will hopefully drive them to either adopt it or spread the word about it.

Don’t forget about the humans: Behind a successful animal rescue or shelter is a lot of love and dedication. Sure, the spotlight is always on the pets who need to be adopted, but it’s also great to sprinkle in stories about the people of your organization, too! Feature profiles about your staff members, document their everyday responsibilities and tasks, and share stories about what they like to do for fun. Another way to feature humans on your Facebook page is to incorporate the pet owners. When a pet gets adopted, take a picture of it with its new owners and make a story out of it for Facebook! People love “feel good” stories like these.

Share advice and tips: Owning a pet isn’t easy, and most pet owners, new and old, encounter some sort of fuzzy situation with their furry friends every once in a while. So, why not extend your pet expertise and help out this audience? Don’t stop your journey with a pet owner after he or she has adopted a pet! Turn your page into a resource, and constantly provide valuable pet advice and tips to help pet owners with their new furballs.

These strategies take a little work, but trust us, they’ll be worth it for you and your animals in the long run. Questions? Ask us on our Facebook page!

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