How Your Business Can Successfully Use Branded Hashtag Campaigns

Jun 2020

How Your Business Can Successfully Use Branded Hashtag CampaignsHashtags are an important piece of most social media marketing campaigns. Whether your focus is Instagram, Twitter, or even Tik Tok, using a branded hashtag can help you keep track of all of your user-generated content and help your campaign reach thousands of users. The video sensation app, Tik Tok, recently shared how one fashion eCommerce retailer, Zalora, found success with a branded hashtag campaign.

Hosting the #ZStyleNow Hashtag Challenge

Zalora was hosting a fashion festival and wanted to find an efficient way to promote their event. They decided to focus on user interactions and create a hashtag challenge hosted on the Tik Tok app. They encouraged users to place #ZStyleNow, creating a video flashing the “Z” hand signal each time they changed an outfit. The idea was to spread the joy of fashion and encourage users to showcase their own style. The users with the best video would also receive up to $200 in Zalora merchandise.

To further promote their branded hashtag campaign, Zalora also ran in-app ads to showcase the challenge on users’ feeds. As a result, the challenge videos received millions of views, thousands of submissions, and a 19.75% click-through rate on their ads. On top of their digital success, the majority of users that participated in the contest purchased tickets for their live event.

Using a Branded Hashtag for Your Business

Tik Tok may not be the ideal place to reach your customers, but you can get amazing results like this retailer did by implementing a branded hashtag campaign for your business. You can run a similar hashtag campaign on Instagram by using the same tactics Zalora did on Tik Tok. If you have a store, create a hashtag specific to your campaign and encourage users to post a photo or video of your products using your hashtag. You can even incorporate a giveaway to increase engagement. If you offer services, encourage users to post a testimonial about your company using your branded hashtag. All of this content can then later be used in blogs and shared on your other channels.

The key to running a successful campaign no matter what platform you use is to identify who your audience is and what they care about. The more your videos, images and copy resonates with your audience, the more likely they are to engage with your brand.


Instagram posts with hashtags receive 12.6% more engagement.

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