4 Marketing Strategy Tips for Your Las Vegas Business

Jun 2020

Like many other major cities, Las Vegas reopened its doors cautiously in early June. With strict measures in place, casinos, movie theaters, restaurants, and bars welcomed back guests. You likely pivoted your strategy towards reopening your business. Now that you’ve been open for a few weeks, it may be time to revisit your marketing strategy.

As a digital marketing agency in Las Vegas, we know the value of an effective marketing strategy for businesses during COVID-19.  The global pandemic has changed the standards. What does your business do? 

Follow our best tips for creating an effective marketing strategy for your Las Vegas business.

Get Personal With Customers

Building a close relationship between customers and your business is critical. It may be less convenient than automation, but keeping it personal with your audience makes a tremendous difference. Whether you want to gain or keep loyal customers, ensure that you are keeping them engaged. Creating emotional connections builds loyalty and helps spread word of mouth about your business.

Give Incentives For Loyalty

Extend the relationship with customers by offering incentives. For example, Caesars Entertainment used its loyalty program to reward customers for wearing masks by giving away $20 bills. This marketing strategy enabled them to achieve their goal while exciting their loyal customers. Consider a strategy that works for you – whether it’s coupons, freebies, or a lottery drawing.

Collaborate With Influencers

Las Vegas is full of entrepreneurs in different industries, and one of them could be your next influencer. When we say “influencer,” we mean a person with influence in a particular market. They are usually top experts in their field in either knowledge or power. Collaborating with a popular figure in the local scene may be what you need to grab hold of a new audience. They give you flexibility and reach beyond your normal audience.

Create Content with Purpose

Content is king. Keeping your audience engaged with good writing and creating quality content should be the staple in every industry. Shift your content strategy from selling to informing.  Let your audience know what your hours are, if you have curbside pickup, and what safety measures you have in place if someone plans to visit your business. 

Content marketing is a vital part of a marketing strategy, but it can be time-consuming. Do you have great content but lack the time? Consider upcycling your old content for your strategy. If content creation is out of your scope, another option is to outsource professionals who can tell your story.


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