#MambaDay Takes Down Twitter and Teens Select Snapchat as Most Important

Apr 2016

Twitter Takedown!

Kobe and Steph slam-dunk Twitter, Facebook unleashes the chat bots, and teens select Snapchat over Instagram. Here are some major social media headlines in the news.

While Steph and Kobe were on fire, so apparently was Twitter. Fans flocked to the social media site to share their love for the retiring Kobe Bryant and the Golden State Warriors on the NBA’s final regular season night. And Twitter experienced an overload!

Source: @support
Source: @support

The Lakers official account also suffered a brief outage.  Both Bryant and his Lakers finished the season on a high note with a win. Bryant ended his career dazzling home fans with a stunning 60 point performance. But the biggest win of the night, was by the Warriors, who won their 73rd game.  The victory broke the NBA record for most wins in a season.

But who won the social media game? Edge to Mamba! Bryant amassed more than 2.8 million tweets during his three hour send off, whereas the Warriors only amassed 238,000 tweets.

Chatbot Conundrum

The time has come. Facebook Messenger is now allowing businesses to send ads to your message feeds. So along with notes from your sweet nothing, or bff, you might also see weather and traffic information or receipts from your favorite retailers. Some experts believe this new way of communications with brands will streamline the consumer experience through the Facebook Messenger app, breaking our habit of installing retailer apps on our smartphones. Brands love the potential of the bots, as they invade a space where you already spend a bulk of your time. But will we enjoy brands mixing into our message space like they already do our timelines? Only time will tell.

Snapchat Steals Teens’ Hearts

For teens that only know life with a smartphone, Snapchat is their selection as the most important social network. A Piper Jaffray survey of 6,500 teens revealed that the Snapchat phenomenon isn’t a flash in the pan. It now outranks Instagram as the number one social media platform for teens. When asked which network were their favorite, here’s how they responded:

  • Snapchat 28%
  • Instagram 27%
  • Twitter 18%
  • Facebook 17%
  • Other Networks 10%

So why are teens stuck on Snapchat? They like its more intimate and personalized form of communication. Snapchat is set up to encourage young people to be themselves and not focus too much on identity.

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