How to Use Social Media to Get Feedback From Customers

Jan 2021

Businesses are more focused than ever on perfecting their customers’ experience. Collecting customer feedback for opinions on your brand, service, and product has become essential.


Taking these efforts to social media can be a great way to meet consumers where they are. With 3.8 billion people utilizing these platforms, there is no better place to engage. Here are four effective ways you can collect feedback on your social channels. 


Link to a Survey 

One of the best-known tactics for receiving feedback is distributing surveys. By placing a survey link in a blog post, Facebook status, Tweet, or Instagram post, you increase visibility and guarantee more responses. 


There are many platforms you can use to create online surveys such as SurveyMonkey or Google Forms. These programs will also help you to streamline your data. 


With this process, however, it is essential to watch out for response bias. Customers who are most vocal on social media tend to have strong opinions on polar ends of the spectrum.

Create Contests 

To get those less engaged customers to speak up, try creating a contest. Contests are naturally attention grabbers and can get more eyes on your survey. Think about your strategy and how you want your audience to interact. You can have a customer fill out the survey for entry or send it to them through email after they enter the contest. 


Additionally, be sure to take full advantage of the contest by advertising it on all of your various social media channels. The more people it reaches, the more likely it will receive your desired amount of responses. 


Utilize Instagram Stories 

Instagram is more than just a photo-sharing platform. Leveraging Instagram stories for your business can help you get the results you desire, especially when it comes to feedback. Use Instagram stories to ask your followers open-ended questions or create a poll. It also is a great place to encourage customers to ask you questions about your brand so you can gauge their knowledge about your product or service. 


Monitor Your Accounts 

Finally, monitoring your accounts allows you to keep tabs on what people are saying about your business. Practice active listening by looking at brand mentions and direct messages. Invent a hashtag for your business to help customers get engaged and monitor how they use it. Perhaps the most insightful feedback can occur when a customer isn’t speaking to your brand directly. Keep active on your social channels and you may just discover some key insights. 


11 new people start using social media every second.


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